Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It’s A Blizzard In Here

Our second party was even cuter than the first!  Luckily I brought my real camera to school that day so these pictures actually aren’t blurry!  While the kids were at lunch 2 of Jack Frost’s helpers snuck in and turned our room into a snowy wonderland.  Goodies to eat, prizes to keep, and bells to wear.



When the kids came back from lunch it was priceless!  They were so excited to see the transformation!  I explained to them we had to do our calendar and then pack our things for home before we could start our party.  As the kids were collecting on the rug I walked over to my desk to check my email.  When I turned back around our calendar helper A had already started the class!  Ha!  I need motivation like that every day! 


Finally it was time to eat their goodies!  The kids went back to their seats and immediatlely put on their jingle bell necklace and dug into their treats. 


Mom’s handed out bananas and apples for the kids to assemble in the shape of a snowman.


PC216931  PC216937

PC216935  PC216942

PC216938  PC216939

That look on the left?  It says, “I know what I'm doing mom, I don’t need any help!”  It also says you’re in trouble in 10 years:)

The hardest part of our party was the time constraint.  We were rushed the whole time!  After eating we had to meet the rest of the school in the cafeteria for a sing along.  I had the kids put their take home items in their snowman bag so the Mom’s could set the tables for crafts while we were gone.

PC216943    PC216944

As we walked down the hallway I spied a little someone who just couldn’t part with her goodies yet:)



So, I thought we were going to a sing along.  I thought bringing our jingle bells would be perfect.  What I didn’t realize was that we would be watching and listening to the choir sing for the first 20 minutes and then we would be joining in.  Do you know how hard it is to get 20 five year olds to keep a jingle bell quiet?  Note to self: leave the bells in the room next time.



When we got back to the room it full on crafts!  There was a sock snowman, snowflake ornament, and a snowman magnet.  Everything turned out so cute!

PC216968  PC216978

PC216970  PC216972

PC216974  PC216976

PC216979  PC216980

PC216988  PC216989

PC216984  PC216990

It’s hard to believe that the end of our party signaled the end of the first half of the year!  Hope you had a wonderful break with your family and we’re back to business in the new year!

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