Friday, October 12, 2012

Kindergarten Funny

Kindergarten is funny. Literally, funny. We laugh all the time at the things these kids say and do. For the record, D wasn't the only kid to do this either. We made pumpkins. For the most part it was freestyle. You have an orange, green, and black piece of paper. Make a pumpkin. There was one rule. You must CUT your face pieces out of the black paper and GLUE them on the orange. NO DRAWING THEM! For some reason, many kids took this to mean if they cut out SOME of the pieces and then got tired of that they could just draw the rest:) Uhhh, no. I must have said 100 times, "No, you need to go back and cut out a mouth(or a nose, or eyes)". My conversation with D went like this... D: I'm done. Mrs. Culley: No you're not, you need to cut out your mouth, not draw it.
D: I did it, but it doesn't seem right(scratching his head).
LOL. Gotta love him. He had worked so hard on it by that point I just let it go and stapled it back together:)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fun at the Fun Fest

Thursday was 77 degrees and sunny.  We worked hard.  We did calendar and math, reader’s workshop, name game, and writing.  Friday was 56 degrees and overcast.  We played hard, outside, all day.  Why does it always work that way?  It didn’t matter though, we had a great time!  PTA really put on an amazing day.  It was well organized, high interest, and appropriate for all different age levels.  I love that so many times that day kiddos said to me, “I’ve never done this before!”.  I know as a parent there are things I haven’t exposed my kids to because either I didn’t think to, or it isn’t something I am confident or interested in.  Then there are other things that my kids won’t do with me, but would do if their teacher told them to!  I can tell you all the kids participated in every activity. 

    P1015661     P1015662

S had some mad hoola hoop skills!  She could go forever!  These guys?  Well, they tried:)


F was so proud of his first time jump roping.  Poor guy was using a rope about 3 times too long, but he managed to get over it a few times!


I think K might be part kangaroo.  He was getting some serious air on the jumpy ball!


Future American idol?  Better remember your Kindergarten teachers when you make it big A!


Being good listeners at the gymnastics station…it’s hard to wait to have all that fun!



 P1015686  P1015692


The canoe and kayak station was so cool for the kids.  They got to try on life jackets and get in the boats with real oars.  The volunteers even shook the boats to simulate waves!

P1015701PTA provided everyone with a healthy snack of milk, water, and fruit.  By this time the kids(and me:) were pretty chilly, so they ate fast to get inside for our midday break!

P1015705 P1015707 P1015708

After snack we went inside for a few hours, and yes, I made them do some work!  After lunch though, it was back outside for our last two stations!  First up, fishing!

P1015711  P1015713

 P1015715  P1015717


Finally, it was our turn to go to Karate.  For some reason, this was the station the kids(girls and boys) were looking forward to the most!  They talked about it constantly the day before, and when I looked at the schedule sure enough it was last!  It ended up being a good thing because it keep them going through the afternoon.  When we finally got there, they were totally into it!

P1015722  P1015724



It was a really fun day, and I’m sure everyone slept good that night!  Next week, back to the grindstone!