Sunday, November 4, 2012

Princesses, Witches, and Spiders, Oh My!

Our Halloween Party was a big success thanks to all the donations and help from you!  Big shout out to Holly Hicks(Gracie’s mom) for coordinating it all!  It definitely gets the award for cutest food!  


The party games included Bingo,



making ghost windsocks,



giving a Clementine a faces,


and decorating bookmarks!



As you can see, they were busy!  Everyone was super cute in their disguises, even the “scary” ones!





It was a Happy Halloween!

The “I’m a Little Behind on Fall” Post

We have been busy doing our learning using all the convenient fall themes!  I promise I will write soon about the heart of what we do most days- Daily 5, Writer’s Workshop, Math Workshop, Calendar Math, and on and on.  Right now it’s just more interesting to share the fun stuff!  Let me tell you, there’s been A LOT of fun stuff!  We love when learning occurs without the kids even knowing it!  We sneak it in to new exciting ways, we’re tricky like that:) 

One naturally occurring theme in the fall is apples.  Most children have an apple orchard story to tell, and all of them like some sort of apple food whether it be the fruit, pie, sauce, or juice!  This year we brought in a variety of apples for the kids to taste and then let them pick their favorites.

   P1015794  P1015795  P1015797

    P1015799  P1015800  P1015802 

    P1015803  P1015804  P1015809

                          P1015811  P1015814

Red was the overwhelming favorite!  Green also seemed quite popular, and the kids did a great job of coming up with descriptive words(adjectives) for the taste of them.  Sour was among the most used! 

P1015793  P1015796  P1015798

P1015801   P1015805  P1015808

P1015813  P1015815

Lo and behold, we had a few yellow apple lovers!

P1015806  P1015810  P1015812

After everyone declared their favorites, we used that information to graph.  We also practiced making patterns with apples, made an apple book to add to our book boxes, and read several stories about apples-fiction and nonfiction! 

This month we were also lucky enough to have the Walled Lake Fire department come out and do a presentation for us.  I know many preschools do this, and they will likely see it again in first and second grade, but they never seem to tire of seeing that big shiny truck!  It gives a friendly face to those otherwise scary looking firemen in uniform, and familiarizes the children with the purpose of each piece of equipment.

P1015764That was back when the weather was still nice!  No coats!

In other exciting happenings…we had our 40th day of school on Halloween!  Zero the Hero made another secret visit and left us a surprise!  On the 30th day of school he brought us zero shaped gummy candy(yum!).  This time he left us brand new pencils! 




The kids were so excited to use their new pencils they didn’t even care that they were writing numbers, tally marks, and counting coins!


P1015820  P1015821

What will Zero the Hero bring us next?  Stay tuned…