Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Week of Firsts

This week has been fast and slow all at the same time.  The children have learned so much about our rules and procedures that in some ways it seems like we’ve been together for longer then just a week.  Yet, those first few days creep by, and sometimes it feels like 4:00 will never come.  The beginning of school is like driving somewhere for the first time.  It always seems longer on the way there then on the way back, because you don’t know where you’re going.  When you’ve gone that way several times before you have markers to tell you you’re close.  Like there’s the gas station, must be half way!  Burger King means we’re right around the corner!  In about three weeks we will have all the pieces to our curriculum up and running.  The kids will know when we’re done with calendar math it will be snack, when Mrs. Lane shows up it’s half way done, and after Daily 5 you’re home free!  For now though, it’s a lot of teacher talking, kids listening, and rules.  It takes a long time for us to do anything!  Taking this time now though, will pay off in spades later.  Laying a good foundation for procedures is essential for later independence in learning time.

Wow, that all makes it sound like this week was awful!  Not so!  We did a lot of fun stuff, started getting to know each other, and building trust.  The kids learned about morning work.  In the morning they have a handwriting paper on their table and they must unpack and get started on it.  They learned that in Kindergarten we don’t color the whole page with one color!  


  P9045949  P9045951

We like to dance.  Mrs. Lane and I are not above making fools of ourselves for a little fun in class!  Some of the kids already knew a few of our favorite kindersongs!



They also learned that sometimes things we do are hard, and it’s okay to get help from your friends.  We’re all here to help each other.



We practiced what it looks like when you are ready to learn.  Eyes on the speaker, ears ready to listen, and sitting like a pretzel. 


Probably one of the most important things we teach right away is, if you make a bad choice, there is a consequence.  The good news is once you think about it and decide what you’ll do differently, you can join the learning and fun again.  Everyone needs a little table time at one point or another, but we have to take our learning job seriously so we can seriously play later!

P9066020   Believe it or not we already had an assembly!  We had to talk about good assembly behavior, and they did us proud!  When we walked in the music was playing and we boogied down!


Then we had to get serious, sit and listen.  That’s pretty hard after jumping around and having so much fun.  They know what to do though, and they showed how mature and responsible they can be.


    P9066017  P9066018

Can’t ask for more than that!

The children learned a lot this week, but so did we.  We learned this group as a whole is eager to please and eager to learn.  If you break it down for them they will follow every direction you give them(we are happy teachers:).  We learned they love to play and do a nice job getting along with each other.  We also learned they can’t sit for very long so we need to get to the point quick!  Overall we had a great week!

P9066023  F said he was snapping a mental picture.  Good idea F, I want to remember this too!