Monday, December 31, 2012

Outdoor Center

Oooohhhh, I was so sad about this!!  Our first field trip(and one I love) and I had a very sick kid at home:(  I had no choice but to send a sub to outdoor center with them.  Luckily I left the camera out and she took pictures for me!  I’ve been on this trip many times, so I know exactly what their doing!  


It was beatiful day for outside leaning!  I’ve been there in many different kinds of weather, rain, below zero temps, and snow, but this day was perfect!


When you arrive at the Outdoor Center the classes split up and rotate through the different activities.  We were lucky to get the head teacher Mr. Riley as our guide for the first part! 


The first part of the lesson is looking at trees outside.  The kids take a small hike through the trees identifying different foods for the birds.




After the walk the kids get to see the big bird feeders and sometimes a bird even comes for a munch!  Then it’s inside for more bird discussion.  First, they look at a real stuffed bird and a stuffed Tweety bird and compare the two.


Then they make a bird feeder out of a pine cone and popcorn!  The kids push the popcorn into the little spaces in the pine cone.



  P1015992  P1015993


Then it’s into the lodge room to play a game with items that you find on trees.  Everyone gets an item to bring up to the tree.



The second project is making a satchel of potpourri from items all found on trees.



Once the potpourri is done, they put it in their bag with the pine cone birdfeeder, and it’s time to head out.  It’s a short trip, but so perfect for our first experience together away from school!  I only wish I could have been there!


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